All in the name of ‘Love’ 

" I guess I sparkled just a bit more to hide myself My allurance paved the way to beast "  


One year

  It's been three hundred and sixty-five nuances Five love letters and gazillions of words I've seen you blossom and turning into a more mature yellow You have fallen but never dwindled As our bond has continued to walk with head held high We have watered seedling and guarded against frost Oh! Our love has [...]


It's Holi time. The festival of colors, food, love, and fun. I decided to use it as a prompt.  I'm back with write-ups that include questions.😂😂😂😂 One more example. A writing prompt for you.  What's love? Love is that pink which claims your cheeks   As soon as he winks at you. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Try yours and [...]


Years after losing him I got him back In the middle of a speech class Life has a way to surprise you Give you something you've always asked for  Just to adore it from distance Things are same yet so different Same nicknames and care Not the same rights though He is still so close [...]

It’s all etched on my mind 

 I met you there in the middle of market, near to our home  But something was there that made us brave somehow  I was playing with my scarf, both were quiet  It was like day has learned all the skills of night  Oh, how we were looking for something to talk about  Lamely we caught [...]

TMI tag

Hey, I was tagged by one of my fellow Blogger , Radhika , for this tag.  Check out her blog, she writes awesome.  So let's get to business...  Let me give you a peek in my world. Though I've given that already. Through my poems. I'm not so much of an expressive person. So sorry in advance.  [...]